There is no limit to reinvention…

My last post in this blog was years ago and I’ve since deleted or hidden all those old posts. I find myself at a different place now. A person with a different focus and values. More life has happened to me since then… I considered starting over with a new blog name and all that. However, I’ve done that before and it doesn’t pay homage to where I’ve been, even if I’m the only one who knows those experiences and secrets. As I was reflecting on to change the name, or not, I began to dwell on the idea of reinvention. The concept is one I’ve always embraced. To change identities and values as life demands and suits. I’ve had so many roles and titles in my 35 years. Not intending to list them, an invested reader will pick up on them as time goes by.

My current focus is maintaining my own healing after brokenness. To guide my children through the ups and downs of the journeys their lives will take them on. While intertwined, we each have our own story with our own drummer and our own beat.

I live a life of intention. Purposeful living that includes compassion for all people, first and foremost as God teaches.  I will not entertain political debates, on my blog. There are plenty of venues for that. I love ALL people and fiercely support the LGBT community as several of those near and dear to me proudly claim their place in that community. Speaking of community, my strongest sense of community is within my own home and with my ,3 other nuclear family members. I have dear friends but there is no place I’d rather be. Working in medicine for nearly 14 years, I’ve been blessed to learn that life is precious and precarious. As both my children have faced illness, I’ve realized that being a mom who misses time with children going out with the girls or traveling is not who I want to be. (I do not however, judge others for their choices. It’s not my place.) There is no perfect parent, no SuperMom even if Siri calls me that, there are good enough parents. This part of my values is a work in progress. I hold myself to ridiculous standards. As I’ve aged, I’ve learned to give grace to others. While I know I deserve the same from myself, it’s a challenge.

Many things bring a smile to my face, singing with my children, board games that end in laughter, finding snippets of inspiration online, helping a patient or a stranger and leaving them better for having had me touch their life, sitting in my husband’s lap when I am sad or scared or angry, connecting with my family that lives hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away, being a part of the lives on my online friends, some who are as close as family. I am wild and silly and random and love the shock the person in line behind me in the drive thru by paying for their beverage. (My favorite is a Venti Iced Green Tea No Classic with Extra Ice, if you are curious.)

For most of my life I abhorred change. I feared and hated it. I would exclaim my negative feelings loudly and be that much more miserable for having done so. Now, I don’t get excited about it but I can accept it and embrace it, with effort. I see it as a gift. Life’s permission to try something new that I hadn’t thought of or thought I didn’t want or couldn’t accomplish. Some days it takes tremendous effort to see the good past the bad, the blessing and learning past the pain. It’s all worth it. I keep telling myself it is and you know what, I’m right.

I have no idea what we will experience together, you and I, dear reader, but it will be colorful and full of life. Thanks for coming by.


Love, Rebecca

5 responses to “There is no limit to reinvention…

  • eagoodlife

    What do I think or feel about this post? well, since you asked, as an adoptee twice your age, with a daughter just a bit younger than you are, I’ve had to think hard about sticking here to see what you’re about and where your journey is taking you. My initial thoughts were that you are revealing too much personal information, about specifics like where you live and your job. ‘Are you ok with your boss reading this?’ came to mind. I wrestled also with your beliefs which are so different from mine and some, perhaps one, which I’ve long ago learned not to go near because it is a whole different world and belief system. I’m sad that you won’t entertain political discussion on your blog because that is something that interests me greatly and has done more and more as I’ve got older. It underpins everything – adoption, poverty, how we live, eat, work etc. I do like to see people/bloggers making choices however and am a firm advocate for independent thought, self determination and justice. Great blog and your writing style is just perfect!

    • reinventingrebecca

      Thanks for hanging around to see what happens. Posting what I did about personal things was a calculated risk and one that I was ok with. These days my blog is easier to find and not a secret from family and IRL friends. 🙂 I’m used to editing my FB posts and comments as others can see them. I’m prepared to do that with my blog now too. Chances are if I am inclined to write something that will hurt someone, it’s really not worth writing in the first place. However, if people choose to make something about them and take offence, I can’t control the feelings of others. I do find value in political debate, I just don’t want to have it on my blog. Comment moderating will be a challenge with current demands. Maybe I’m being lazy to keep it simple/stupid. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate them. 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Caroline Kippenbrock Dixon

    Poignant. I am excited to be able to share in this venue. I am proud of you, my first baby girl.

    • reinventingrebecca

      Thanks, Mom. Blogging has been an enjoyable outlet for me and I’ve made many long-lasting online friendships this way. Living in a small town with a unique set of circumstances, blogging allows me to connect to people all over the world that can relate to me and I to them. It’s not just for commiseration but for encouragement, advice, support, learning and many other positive benefits. 🙂 You can learn more about people from their writings at times, than you can from years of talking. Love you! I’m proud of you too!

  • eagoodlife

    I don’t think it’s ever possible to keep a blog simple if it’s popular and you put the work into it. You get out what you put in. Go well.

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