Planning to blog…

Today was a wild and crazy day, one of many that seem to pop up into my life with it’s current set of circumstances. Lots of challenging and interesting things happened. Several things didn’t go as planned, a child stayed at daycare longer than he would have liked and the other one was sick. Work was nutty. When I thought I’d had all I could possibly take, I got a frantic phone call that prompted me to race out of the office like a bat out of hell. (Forgive the cliché’, I’m trying.) Like the fat girl I’ve tucked away is prone to do, I fell into a bag of potato chips on the drive home from work. It was during that drive home that I had the beautiful brainstorm to write a blog about my first mom’s legacy that I have learned and I am living. However, more drama ensued when I got home and I’m left feeling uninspired, crabby and pissed off. I should dust myself off, focus and weave my tale, but I can’t seem to get my head out of my a$$ far enough to it justice. My point is this, we all have those days, when our creative voice is silenced by the crap that comes up. We make bad choices and revert to old habits. I owe it to myself, as do you, to honor the disappointment, let it have a moment in time and then let it go. Don’t let today’s drama derail the gift of tomorrow. Leave your sorrow with the sundown and be happy to find that your joy comes in the morning. Love and hugs, RU

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