Bloggers block

Very rarely to do I get this stuck on a blog post. Usually, I just think of what I want to say and it practically types itself. I considered writing today’s blog post on paper first, but even that hasn’t worked. I realize that much of what I blog about is something I feel passionate about and even angst-y. Is it possible that because I am mellow and happy and content that I can’t get up the feisty writer? I sure hope not.

Rather than dwelling on it, I got spiffed up and curled my hair for my date with AJ. It’s not often we go somewhere just the two of us. I’m thrilled with the birthday gift of a gift card to Greg’s Grill. Good times!

Have a beautiful evening. Love and hugs, Rebecca

About reinventingrebecca

Discovering my authentic self. Embracing my story and sharing it with others so that they may have hope. Committed to ending the stigma about Mental Illness and advocating for suicide awareness and prevention. View all posts by reinventingrebecca

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