More of Christmas present…

I had the blessing of a week-day off today. I’m very grateful for the slow start to the morning. I watched a little TV, cruised FB and cuddled with Kitty, my 15 pound tabby Maine Coon. Love pet therapy, personally. šŸ™‚ Today is a big day in our family. Both children have “Holiday” programs. I’ll be basking in the JOY of Christmas, myself, but I understand the public schools’ desire to be inclusive. Logan is adorable and said his three songs will likely last 10 minutes. Even still, his grandparents are coming to Central Oregon early to be able to meet me there. His dad will try to make it too. I have no idea if he had a holiday program last year. I simply don’t recall. However, any spare moment that I had last year, I was either on the road or seeing my therapist. It was a hard time, as previous posts have explained. While I am happy that Logan has a program to participate in, and I get to attend, my excitement is reserved for Preston’s choir concert this evening. That is the performance that the grandparents planned their trip around. For me, it’s a culmination of the hard work he has done to “come out of his shell.” Standing on that stage, sing a solo, even if for only 30 seconds, puts the trauma of last year, further behind him. I am so proud. He has an incredible voice and has learned so much since he started taking choir. I think the world of his choir director. In fact, last year in the spring, not long after Preston started in her class, I ran into her at the pizza place. I thanked her for letting him start part way through the year and for helping him find a safe place, at school, that he enjoyed. Yes, I hugged her and cried. She is an amazing woman and Preston is blessed to have made this connection with her. So, in order to truly show how special I think this evening is, I’m going to trade in my jeans for something a little nicer, I’ve painted my nails AND I’m going to wear makeup. Gasp! It’s gonna be great. Love and hugs, Rebecca

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