Blogger’s block!

I have had a blog post flitting around the edges of my mind since New Year’s Day. I’m not sure if this means that the post isn’t meant to be or if I have too much clutter in my mind to pull it together. The intention is that I would share a positive conversation with my parents that shows that putting effort into important relationships and letting go of petty arguments can be super valuable. However, in order to share that an as an example, I need to go back to the part where we had a misunderstanding and I don’t want to relive those hurt feelings and increase my cortisol levels. I’ll let the topic beat around my brain awhile longer and I expect that I will come up with a post that includes very little negative and the large majority of positive. Ultimately, my blog is for me and in my efforts to show myself love and care, I should choose not to drag out hard times for dramatic effect. Thanks for understanding. Rebecca

What do you think or feel about this post?

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