“May our hearts and minds be open”

My blog post from yesterday included some of the lyrics to David Lohman’s anthem “For All the Children.” Today, I’ll share more. I’m immensely excited to be singing it tonight, at the church I grew up in, with my son singing too, surrounded my other members of the LBGT community and their allies. My son’s allies. My hope for the future is that our church in Bend becomes Reconciled in Christ and we will have a sticker on the door for all to see that we are safe for LGBT people, their families and we love them. I know that we already have that reputation locally, thanks to Pastor Chris and his connections and our presence in a booth at the Pride event in Bend last summer. I have a copy of the bulletin music for “For All The Children”, so that I can learn it easier. It moves me and I find it hard to sing if I focus on the lyrics. The refrain is such a great message.

“O, may our hearts and minds be open, fling the church doors open wide. May their be room enough for everyone inside. For in God there is a welcome, in God we all belong. May that welcome be our song.”

This chokes me up every time. It is a hugely powerful message in such simple lyrics. This song serves as a reminder that God welcomes EVERYONE. I have to admit that I have avoided the soapbox that I feel like I should be standing on. To remind and/or teach people, about God having made everyone in His image. That means ALL people. Regardless of color, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other category that gets persecuted. Close-minded people pick apart their Bible to use it as ammunition that being bisexual, homosexual or transgendered is wrong. Nope. We were made in His image. Remember, love thy neighbor as yourself? These simple, basic teachings tell us how to love and accept others. Instead people hide behind their prejudices and bigotry and spout lies about God’s love. While I’m really looking forward to this evening’s service, I look more forward to the day when every church every where is proclaiming the above refrain. I believe that this time will come. In the meantime, I’ll keep sharing my heart and showing my son that God loves him.

Please, if you have been unable to accept the LGBT community, I pray that you can embrace the concept of loving your neighbor as yourself. It is not our place to judge what/who God has made. The time is now to love everyone. You may have a loved one who is living their life in secret, unable to be their authentic self, because of fear of your rejection. Put the burden down of holding people accountable for something that is not your place to judge.

I could go on and on but need to wind it up and get ready to leave. I leave you with a few more lyrics from “For All The Children.”

“We sing for all the children, that one day they be free; and we sing for generations yet to be, they they never have a reason to doubt that they are blest. May they, in Your love, find rest.”

Dear Lord, I am grateful for you and your all encompassing love. Amen.

With love and more love, Rebecca

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