What is our Legacy? LOVE

This sweet post is by my first mom, Caroline. Enjoy.

Meet Birthmom, Caroline K. Dixon, Author of Providence For A First Mom

I have been pondering this for weeks…What is my legacy? I can not seem to pin mine down.I can tell you, though, that Brian and I have a legacy together. We are living our 33rd year of marriage. We were just 19 when we married.
I was searching for someone to lessen the pain of adolescence and the feeling of abandonment. I sought attention from others, hoping to fill that void. God had a plan to bring a man into my life that was created to be my husband.
We were in the Marines, Fall 1981, stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina, and in the same radio platoon. There were about 16 Woman Marines in the platoon and 3 times as many men. My roommate, Rona, and Brian’s roommate, Paul, wanted to go on a date. Well, Brian had a car, so Rona asked me, and Paul asked Brian, if…

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