I’ve been blessed by a 70th birthday memory book.

I first met my mom, Sharon, on December 13th, 1978. I’d spent the first 4 weeks of my life in foster care being cared for by strangers. There in the social workers office, I was held for the first time by my parents who would be my forever family. (Bawling already. This is going to be a tough post.)

Meeting my parents

Meeting my parents

I know that my parents went home that night and flew into a whirlwind of getting ready to bring me home. From that day until this one, my mom has gone to great lengths to prove that I am hers and I belong. (My insecurities needed the proving.) I have a million stories about the incredible things that my mom has done for me. I could never say enough “Thank yous.” She will be 70 this month. When I got to thinking about this birthday, I wanted to make sure that I made her feel special. So, in January, I sent requests to 90+ friends and acquaintances asking them to help me make a scrapbook style memory book for her. (I didn’t keep it a secret because I don’t keep things from my mom and my dad and I didn’t want to go behind her back.) I asked them to send cards, notes, photos, memories or other anecdotes about my mom. I used her FB friends list, a church directory and other means to reach out to people. The response has been incredible. The stories that my mom’s friends have shared about her make me swell with pride and often well up with tears. I know that my mom has been a blessing in my life. I could write a long list of why she comes second in line only behind my husband, on my list of best friends. What has overwhelmed me is impact that she has made on so many people. More than once she has been given credit for helping her friends draw closer to God.

I never expected to be so emotionally involved in this project. I’m humbled that I am in the position to contact and compile these moments that weave together to form my mom’s legacy. To be honest, I’m sorry that this is coming to a close. Never have I enjoyed getting emails or cards or notes in the mail as much as I have these past few months. Even though the “deadline” I had set has passed, submissions keep coming in. I may not get all the pages together and photos glued in until the last minute. I’ve always been a procrastinator and have done my best work under pressure!

Without the kindness and participation of my mom’s friends, I couldn’t have put this book together. Thank you, if you are one of the people that contributed. I know that she will love reading what you’ve shared, with Kleenex. Goodness knows I’ve used a bunch just putting the pieces together.

May the Lord bless you as He has blessed me. Love and hugs, Rebecca

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