Announcing a Guest Blogger!

Our family is wrapping up the summer with an epic scenery and wildlife adventure! Next week, I’ll have my 13 year old son, Logan, as a guest blogger. Together, we will cover nearly 2,500 miles in 7 days. While he is typically a writer of poetry, Logan has a great voice when it comes to stories. This talent has been passed down from his grandma, Caroline. He and I haven’t co-written before, and I am looking forward to trying it out.

Stay tuned for scenery, wildlife and long- car trip stories. I know you’ll read about Bingo and the geography game and more funny antics.

Join us on Monday, August 27th, to read about the 550+ mile drive from Oregon City, Oregon to Missoula, Montana.

Have a great weekend and we’ll catch you next week!

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Discovering my authentic self. Embracing my story and sharing it with others so that they may have hope. Committed to ending the stigma about Mental Illness and advocating for suicide awareness and prevention. View all posts by reinventingrebecca

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