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My first mother’s story of reliquishing me, and our reunion.

It is my impression that we rarely get two sides of a story. No matter how aware we are of another person’s journey and opinion, the only way for justice to be done to their story is for them to write it themselves. That is exactly what my first mom, author Caroline K Dixon of http://www.carolinekdixon.com, has done. She bled her soul into the words themselves and they’ve since been published in a sweet memoir, available on Amazon.com. (My coding is rusty. Please click the link below.)


Her book has been a long time coming. I’m grateful that enough years have gone by that at 35, many years after being reunited, I am secure enough that whatever is written, even the things that I said or did that show me to be a little tarnished, I’ll be ok. I love my first mom. I always have. I would never attempt to deny her catharsis, by putting limits or demands on her creative process. I know you will enjoy reading it.